It is a Massachusetts state law that the seller must pass a current Title 5 Septic System Inspection for their home by the closing date. The inspection is an eleven (11)-page report and must by completed by a Massachusetts licensed inspector. The cost is approximately $295.00 along with a filing fee ($27.50 in the Town of Dennis). Your system must pass Title 5 Septic Regulations (i.e. show no signs of past failure and must be sufficiently above ground water). A passed inspection report is good for two (2) years, for a single-family home. (In the Town of Dennis, you will also need to have a “Certificate of Compliance” letter from the Dennis Board of Health indicating their approval of the septic inspection report.) A failed system will require the Seller to hire a Septic System Engineer to do on-site testing, prepare engineering plans and file them with the town board of health. Once this is completed, the engineer will forward your plans to several installers to provide you with estimates. The estimate may or may not include extras such as plumbing or electrical repairs. Most property owners are not familiar with the details and procedures that need to be addressed. If your system fails, the entire process could take 2 months or longer, depending on the complexity of the system needed.

I have personally managed the installation of many Title 5 Septic Systems and as your professional Real Estate Agent, I will oversee the management of the entire process and give you access to my recommended Title 5 Septic System Engineer and Installer, both of whom are reasonably priced, reliable, and do quality work.